Is your boiler leaking water? If yes, then finding out the reason, source, and severity of leaks would help save your pocket and your boiler from further damage. No matter how tiny the leak may be, applying immediate action and seeking professional help from a boiler engineer would best resolve the problem.

Reasons Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water

There are various reasons why small or big leaks of water come out from your boiler tubes. Below are some of the causes why boilers leak:

  • Too High Boiler Pressure

When the boiler pressure is too high, this may cause cracks in the tubes where water may leak. It would be good to regularly check the pressure at the green range, about 1-2 bars, as shown in the boiler pressure gauge. Your heating engineer must also check pressure Regulating Valves (PRV) to make sure it is properly working and responding to pressure changes in the heating system.

  • Temperature Build Up

When the temperature in your boiler starts to build up higher than normal, this will increase the pressure in the whole system. Higher than normal pressure would cause breaks in the valves. Immediately identify causes of overheating, such as limescale build-up or any blockages in the system, with the help of an expert to avoid severe problems that may even cause your safety.

  • Pipe Corrosion

Corroded pipes deteriorate the metal surface, which would make way for the water to leak outside. The severity of corrosion spread in the boiler system would determine whether a simple pipe or boiler replacement would do. To avoid costly repairs or replacement, have your boiler regularly checked and cleaned from corrosion-causing problems.

  • Loose Joints

Leaking water from boilers may be coming from loose joints. Constant contraction and expansion of the boiler due to temperature changes may cause the joints to loosen where water may leak. Checking all the pipe fittings and tightening the joints would help stop the leak. 

  • Pump Seals Wear Out

When pump seals wear out due to the temperature and pressure changes over time, water may also leak from the damaged part of the boiler. This would be needing either resealing of the pump or replacement depending on the extent of the damage. 

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Why Fix Boiler Leaks Immediately

No matter how small the water leak maybe, the urgent and proper action is necessary. Tube ruptures and explosions may gradually be developed out of the small leaks in your boiler if left unresolved. To avoid further damage, additional costs, and safety concerns, fix the boiler leak problem immediately. 

How to Maintain Boiler Efficiency

If you’re among those who ask the question of why your Boiler is leaking water, then you need to follow this. When water leaks from the boiler, its efficiency is reduced due to a decrease in pressure. To avoid this problem, check out the measures suggested below to maximize boiler use and benefit.

  • Hire the service of only competent and certified boiler installers 
  • Take immediate action to boiler problems no matter how small 
  • Regularly check and clean the boiler by operators
  • For appropriate action, always seek out the expertise of boiler engineers