Rental Boilers in Phoenix AZBoiler Rental Service

Boilers are at the center of many industrial processes and we understand how critical they are to any operation. Whether it is a scheduled outage, an untimely emergency at your facility, or you just need temporary use of a boiler, we are here to help in any situation. Renting one of our trailer or skid mounted boilers can get hot water or steam flowing again quickly. We are proud to provide 24/7 emergency service and support and a fleet of rentals available within hours to ensure that your facility has minimal downtime in case of unplanned outages. Temporary installations can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

We have decades of experience working with all of your boiler room equipment and are ready to help you with any size project. Our trained technicians are available to provide turnkey rental boiler installation. Call our knowledgeable staff today at 480-797-9349 today to get an assessment.

Large rental boiler fleet available to address:

  • Emergency needs
  • Planned or unplanned outages can be shortened by the installation of temporary equipment.
  • Help to avoid the upfront purchase of new equipment
  • Temporary equipment to test new production ideas.
  • Long term or short term outages.
  • Quick turnkey installation of any rental. Patriot has trailer mounted complete boiler rooms or skid mounted boilers with pre-piped systems and steam hose for quick turnaround.