Before you have to ask how to fix a boiler, ask how to prevent fixing a boiler. The best response to “how to prevent fixing a boiler” is: to contract Patriot Boiler as your preventative boiler maintenance company.

Frequently, boiler repairs can be prevented. It is common for a large and very expensive issue to arise with a boiler that could have been easily prevented. If you ever weigh out boiler preventative maintenance service costs, consider this information before it is too late.

Boilers work for very long periods of time, and like anything that works hard, we need to make sure it is still working at 100% capacity 100% of the time. Many industrial companies rely on their boilers to be in full working condition. Sometimes, a boiler down means production is down or heat is gone, and you will need to hire a company to figure out how to fix a boiler fast.

Here are some of the benefits of having boiler preventative maintenance:

Energy Efficiency

Is your boiler working too hard to perform? This is an excellent question that a professional will need to answer. When a boiler is working too hard, it is not efficient.


As with any fired piece of equipment, boilers come with numerous safety devices that must be operational for the boiler to function. Patriot Boiler Technicians have been trained to verify all these safety operations during each of their scheduled visits. They will supply documentation as to the safety’s operation and submit any that need to be reset or replaced to insure the safety of your plant and personnel.


Patriot Boiler’s preventative maintenance contract can meet the qualifications for your commercial building set by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and your insurance policy.

Save Money

Catch potential expensive issues with your boiler with Patriot Boiler preventative maintenance before they happen. If any concerns arise during the inspections, our technicians know how to fix a boiler. We will be happy to help you get any issues resolved before they cause more damage to your boiler system.


Contact Patriot Boiler at (480) 797-9349 to set up a boiler preventative maintenance service to ensure the benefits listed above!