Making the Switch to Tankless Domestic Water Heaters

One thing hotels, hospitals, and resorts all have in common is their high demand for domestic hot water. That means they constantly make sure every guest and patient has unlimited access to potable hot water within seconds. So, the question is, how do they make sure their guests/patients are not left in the cold? It used to be that these facilities had a few centralized steam boilers or condensing boilers coupled with heat exchangers that provided both comfortable heat and potable hot water.

Many hotels, hospitals, and resorts are now separating their comfort heat and domestic water systems and decentralizing the domestic side of their potable hot water by installing instantaneous tankless water heaters closer to where the hot water is needed, which minimizes heat lost in transport.

These domestic water heaters allow for more control over the hot water system.

Instantaneous water heaters can be ganged together to create a system of units that together, can provide enough potable hot water on demand to meet the peak demand of an entire facility. If one of the units needs to be shut off for maintenance, the system only takes a nominal reduction in capacity and can continue to operate while the one unit is being serviced. Another added benefit of these instantaneous water heaters is that nearly all commercial tankless systems do not require thermostatic mixing valves which are very costly components.

Let’s talk about maintenance requirements.

Traditional boiler systems prepare and store large amounts of hot water; eventually, the water’s oxygen and minerals corrode the tank’s interior. Corrosion and mineral build-up not only require regular boiler repair and maintenance but also cut into a standard boiler’s life span. Tankless water heaters, however, are far less susceptible to this maintenance issue because they do not store large amounts of water over long periods of time, thus making their lifespan twice as long as a traditional water boiler.

Furthermore, traditional commercial water takes up a larger amount of space that could be used to store extra equipment or maintenance tools. The size of commercial vessels makes them more challenging to service. Instantaneous tankless water heaters are up to 90% smaller than a commercial boiler which is a big reason why so many hospitals and hotels are switching over. The benefits are endless. With hospitals, resorts, and hotels switching from traditional boilers to instantaneous water heaters, they are taking advantage of these high-performance appliances while also reducing operating costs and saving resources. Call Patriot Boiler, your Arizona boiler expert, today to learn more about the many benefits of switching!