We have the solution. Patriot Boiler service ensures that the boiler operates safely and efficiently. Faults, higher energy bills, and a shortened warranty can all result from failing to service your boiler. Unsatisfactory. Please see below for information on how frequently your boiler should be serviced, who should do it, when, why, what it entails, and how to schedule yours. Continue!

What is the recommended maintenance schedule for a boiler?

Annual maintenance is required for gas and oil boilers. This yearly service allows a qualified heating engineer to inspect the unit’s performance. It ensures the safety and efficiency of your heating system.

Electric boilers do not require as much maintenance as gas or oil boilers but should be inspected regularly—for end-of-day tranquility.

Landlords must service their boilers and fuels annually. Book boiler services for all your owned and rented properties; if necessary, we can provide a landlord’s gas safety certificate.

Who requires boiler service?

The qualifications of the heating engineer who services your boiler are determined by the type of boiler. Compare:

Only Gas Safe-registered engineers can service gas boilers.

Registered engineers must service oil boilers.

When a heating engineer arrives to service your boiler, always request to see their identification for your safety and the success of the job.

When is my boiler going to be serviced?

All that matters is that it is serviced once a year. We suggest having your boiler serviced in the summer when you’re not using it much (or at all) to ensure it’s ready for the colder months ahead. This is also when engineers have more free time, so you might find lower rates or special offers on boiler servicing.

Why should I service my boiler?

Having a qualified heating engineer inspect your boiler annually can ensure that it runs safely and smoothly. It can also help you save money by lowering your energy bills.

A boiler service maintains the warranty. You cannot contact the manufacturer for repairs unless you have a boiler warranty. So, having your boiler serviced will ensure that your security remains valid.

You risk the following if you do not service your boiler on an annual basis:

CO leaks in the home

Energy costs are skyrocketing.

A boiler malfunctions

Unneeded repairs

How to Clean a Boiler

What exactly is boiler service?

A thorough boiler service should take between 30 and 40 minutes, according to the heating engineer:

The engineer will inspect the boiler flame and look for signs of corrosion or leaking. Afterward, he will remove the boiler casing to inspect and clean the internal components (if necessary). They will then check the flue terminals to ensure they are not blocked. Finally, he will fire up the boiler to test its performance.

If a boiler fault is discovered, they may extend the service period.

How can I keep my boiler in good working order?

You can do numerous things to extend your boiler’s life.

Like any mechanical device, your boiler requires regular maintenance and an annual service.

Schedule your annual boiler service with qualified engineers right away. For more information, call Patriot Boiler at 480-426-1933.