Many Industrial companies need boilers to operate. The ability to heat water in a boiler has allowed industries to explore many common and even uncommon uses for heat/steam.

Industrial boilers are used for a gamut of different reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Comfort heat
  • Food processing
  • Distilling
  • Sanitation and Sterilization
  • Pasteurized heating
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Paper mills
  • Boiler-based power generation
  • Domestic hot water

The creation and control of heat (steam/hot water) has become a crucial part of many Industries. Now that we know some uses for industrial boilers, let’s answer our initial question: How does a boiler system work?

There are several types of boilers that can be used in Industrial buildings to match the best needs of the company/facility. Some of the most popular are firetube boilers, water tube boilers, commercial boilers, condensing boilers, and electric boilers. A boiler heats water in a contained space, much like a pressure cooker that you may use at home.

Most boilers, with the use of a burner, can create the desired temperature in a pressurized environment. Boilers can get much hotter and create much more pressure than a pressure cooker, but many of the engineering concepts are the same. A boiler is a pressure vessel that supplies heat. Steam or hot water is created and then released from the boiler to the system for the process as required.

First: The boiler is filled with water and then heated by a burner, natural gas, oil, propane, hydrogen, combustible fuels, or electrodes.

Second: The heat radiates through the boiler into the water under pressure.

Third: The steam or hot water is then released into the system to perform its function.

This is a basic response to “How does a boiler system work.” There are many more complexities to the ins and outs of a boiler system. Thankfully Patriot Boiler is the expert and certified to understand and work with all these complexities. We know how to maintain all boilers to operate at peak efficiencies for our clients. Call Patriot Boiler to help with your boiler system needs (480)-77-9349.