hotel boiler roomAny business within the hospitality industry knows one thing… customer needs are always the top priority. Having a highly efficient boiler system is absolutely crucial in order for a hotel to function successfully here in Arizona. Hotels and resorts have a professional responsibility to make sure their guests always have access to hot water on demand. Which is why steam boiler heat and hot water needs are essential functions in a properly operating hospitality business.

Hotel, Resort and other Hospitality Boilers

Hotels rely on steam boilers for a number of critical operations such as: heat and hot water throughout the entire facility, sanitation needs, food servicing and preparation and much more. If a boiler system goes down, the hotel cannot provide these critical services to its many guests. Because of the 24/7 demand and constant stress on the steam and hot water systems, hotel boilers can experience heavy wear and tear. Which is why performing regular preventative maintenance on your boiler room equipment is so important.

Basics of Boiler Systems

Critical components that require regular inspection include: blow down valves, feedwater systems, steam traps, condensate pumps, and pressure regulators. These are primary aspects of a fully functioning Arizona boiler system. Regularly scheduled boiler maintenance is the best way to solve a crisis before it occurs in the first place.

How hotels ensure hot showers for thousands of guests?

Ever wonder how hotels heat enough water to accommodate all of their hundreds of guests? In most resorts and hotels, the boiler systems run through a recirculation loop that ensures that hot water is always available on demand. By keeping the water continually moving through each riser, the water never cools and therefore stays hot. Problems always occur at some point, right?

Why don’t hotels run out of hot water?

So, what happens if a boiler breaks down? Would the resort or hotel have to send the guests home and shut down in order to fix the issue? Luckily, most facilities have contingency plans with backup redundant boilers. While the broken-down boiler is getting repaired, most hotels have redundant boilers that are able to start up and function in place of the down boiler. Some smaller hotels that don’t have multiple boilers in place are able to relocate water flow based on the needs and locations of guests.

Arizona Best Boiler Systems & Services for All Industry!

As you are able to tell, boilers play a big part in a highly efficient and fully functioning hotel system. When you think Arizona and Boiler, think Patriot Boiler. Call Patriot Boiler today for your preventative maintenance check up and boiler repair services on all your Arizona boiler systems. Stop the problem beforehand and save money later!