Half of outages and almost all tube failures of boilers are caused by boiler corrosion. Keeping your boiler free of corrosion will save your facility money and downtime, as repairing the effects of corrosion is both costly and very challenging. Boiler corrosion impacts your boiler by reducing its efficiency and also can cause breakdowns that need emergency boiler repairs. The last thing you need is for your boiler system to fail due to poor and improper maintenance.

The Question Is, What Is Corrosion and What Does It Do to a Boiler System?

In boilers, the cause of corrosion is usually oxygen and water PH. What this means is, high oxygen and low PH in water can often cause the water to attack the iron, leading to iron oxide or better known as rust. The higher the temperature of water is, the faster oxidation happens. Corrosion breaks your vessel down from the inside out. It can cause holes in your vessel and reduce a boiler’s lifespan. Corrosion also can create pitting and scaling in plumbing as well.

When corrosion is present, the efficiency of your boiler system goes down tremendously making emergency boiler services necessary. Unfortunately, when corrosion occurs it can’t be stopped. Corrosion is a natural process that does happen over a span of time. Even though it can’t be stopped, it can be prevented from happening in the first place. Proper boiler installation by a qualified technician is vital to a properly performing boiler system. Also, water treatment systems for your boiler feedwater can stop corrosion before it occurs. Lastly, the key to preventing corrosion is performing regular maintenance on your boiler system.

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Patriot Boiler can help make sure your have the best water quality you can and make sure your Arizona boiler is performing at its highest efficiency. Routine boiler maintenance and better water quality performed by qualified boiler experts can slow the corrosive process and lessen the impact it has on your boiler. Let our experts for boiler repair and replacement extend the life of your boiler by protecting it against corrosion impact. Don’t let small boiler room problems escalate into major problems. When your boiler system needs attention, Patriot Boiler’s highly trained technicians can troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and maintain all boiler makes and models. We are your Arizona boiler experts. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get peace of mind knowing that your facility’s steam and hot water systems are in good hands.