It can seem overwhelming to choose a company in Phoenix to repair such important machinery as a boiler, but we hope to make that choice very easy. If you want a company to repair your boilers known for integrity and honesty through hard work, courtesy, and communication, make sure to use Patriot Boiler. We have been repairing boilers as a veteran-owned business in Phoenix and many other cities in Arizona since 2005. We have repaired countless boilers, and we want your boiler to be next!

Some of the most common boiler repairs include:

Leaking and Dripping

Everyone gets nervous when they see a water leak! This will most likely cause you to make an emergency boiler repair call. There can be several reasons you see water leaking from your boiler, but no matter what it is, you will want it to be resolved fast. Patriot Boiler will find the cause of the leak and provide you with the best solution.

Lack of Heat

You will know quickly if your boiler has no heat. Many things can cause this issue, from a broken pump to a bad thermostat, but either way, it will need to be resolved quickly. Patriot Boiler can find the problem and get that heat going again.


Do you hear a rumbling or banging coming from the heating unit?  That is a good sign that there is a kettling issue. You will want to get the issue resolved as soon as possible to avoid it becoming a much larger issue. Patriot Boiler is ready to find what is causing the noise and fix it fast.

Here are some of the many boiler repairs our highly skilled technicians are ready and able to perform:

  • Boiler Shell, Drum & Refractory Repairs, including Tube Cleaning, Plugging, and/or Replacement.
  • Boiler Blowdown Piping and Vessels, including Heat Recovery Equipment Installation and Repairs.
  • Professional Examination and Analysis of Boiler Room and Steam Process & Distribution Equipment, including Regulators, Steam Trapping & Ancillary Equipment (Vacuum Breakers, Air or Water Vents, etc.)
  • Heat Exchangers, Economizers, and Chillers Repair and Replacement
  • Shutoff, Safety and Control Valve & Actuation Repair and Replacement.
  • Pumps, Deaerator, Feedwater, and Condensate Return Systems

Make sure to contact Patriot Boiler for all of your Phoenix boiler repair and installation needs at 480-797-9349.

Patriot services the state of Arizona!