Is your boiler system nearing the end of its lifespan? Even the best commercial boilers won’t last forever. To that point, have you noticed higher utility costs than usual? This might mean that the boiler is not operating at its maximum efficiency. Which might call for a boiler inspection and repair or a complete boiler replacement. The only sure way to know is to have it checked out by a trained boiler specialist.

Importance of Refractories on Boiler Lifespan

Let’s talk boiler refractories. Did you know they are the leading cause of fuel inefficiencies and boiler shutdowns? Refractories are heat-resistant materials that make up the linings of boilers. They are crucial to maintaining your boiler so it is vital to pay close attention to them. Refractories work by holding heat in, preventing thermal loss during your boiler’s combustion process. Also, they help maintain heat in the boiler even when it’s not firing, so it’ll heat up more quickly. Refractory and refractory repair are key components of your boiler and its upkeep.

The importance that refractory has to a boiler’s overall efficiency can’t be overstated. Any signs of damage or drops in performance could mean that a refractory repair is needed to get your boiler system back to its maximum efficiency level. Another way to add new life to your veteran boiler would be to have your boiler tubes checked.

Increase Boiler Lifespan with Retubing and Tube Replacement

Boiler retubing and tube replacement can drastically extend the lifespan of the boiler and save the tubes from deteriorating due to scale build-up and cracking. Tubes are the heart of any boiler unit. Retubing can increase the lifespan of the boiler unit by many years. You may be thinking, what are we supposed to do while our boiler is getting the necessary service completed?

If a redundant boiler isn’t available while the primary is being repaired. A rental boiler is an option that will keep your facility up and running while major boiler repairs are being completed. Pay attention to the way your boiler runs; the smallest changes can indicate a mechanical issue. Taking care of these issues early protects you, your facility, your property, and your employees.

If you notice any warning signs, contact Patriot Boiler. Our team has experience with many types of commercial and industrial boiler systems. We can perform any boiler inspection and maintenance you may need!