What is the number one reason most Arizona boilers need to be retubed?

blowdown valves boiler maintenanceThe answer would be because of the water treatment in your boiler. When your water isn’t properly treated it allows hard water, which contains too much calcium, to enter your boiler. When calcium enters your boiler and the water boils, the calcium hardens and sticks to your boiler’s tubes. And over time the tubes won’t be able to effectively transfer heat.

If calcium builds up and left untreated, the metal on your tubes can rust and/ or crack and a simple boiler service wouldn’t be possible. Rusted and cracked tubes could end up leading to a replacement throughout the boiler system. If your facility is properly treating the feedwater, the tubes in your boiler should have a long lifespan. The only accurate way to avoid rust and scale build up in your boiler is to have a water treatment professional regularly perform a boiler service and test your feedwater throughout your system.

When it comes to your boiler, routine maintenance really can make all the difference.

Performing a daily boiler blowdown is a great starting point in preventing damage to your Arizona boiler tubes. Blowdowns can help to clear the boiler of that excess calcium and prevent build up and further damages. Another way to prevent rust on your boiler tubes would be by using a deaerator system. A deaerator system helps to maintain the correct amount of oxygen in the water flowing through the boiler. By preventing rust and scale build up, you’ll be able to extend the life of your boiler tubes. And save yourself and facility money in the long run.

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