Boilers are essential components for any facility that requires a large amount of steam or hot water, but when is it better to rent a boiler than to purchase one? While the decision is probably a financial one, Patriot Boiler can help provide more information to define your options. Rental boilers are sometimes in stock and can be hooked up in a matter of hours. If boiler systems are not maintained properly, they can have unexpected operating failures that can lead to dangerous or even catastrophic malfunctions. When such an emergency strikes, help is always here when you need it.

Rental Boilers versus Boiler Purchase: The Best Boiler Option for You.

Purchasing a new boiler can be a big financial commitment. Renting a boiler, whether it be a boiler-in-a-box, portable boiler room, or trailer-mounted boiler, your business has some options to consider. Purchasing or building a boiler system can sometimes require an increased amount of effort, renting on the other hand is simpler. Purchasing a new boiler system can be financially restricting to a business. Instead of investing a large amount of capital at the beginning, renting allows you to spread that cost over a period of time, giving your business breathing room to maintain cash flow.

Finding your facility in peak demand? Over firing your boilers? Have to slow down production to keep pace with your steam or hot water output? Renting a supplementary boiler unit to get through your period of high demand can help keep your process running smoothly and prevent damage from occurring due to overfiring. Boilers require regular maintenance, so what happens when an unexpected failure occurs? Patriot Boiler is ready to provide boiler repair and/or replacement. Renting a boiler could be your short-term solution while your unit is repaired and back in working condition.

Things you Need to Know Before Renting a Boiler …

There are different types of boiler options and choosing the right one can be challenging. The key is to understand what kind of boiler you need for your facility. Boilers can be portable, semi-portable, or permanently installed. Choosing which boiler works better for you depends on the need. The important thing to know when you’re thinking about renting a boiler is the different types. Three common rental boilers styles are portable boiler rooms, trailer-mounted boilers, and a boiler-in-a-box.

Portable boiler rooms are packaged systems that come with all of the components already connected to each other. It has all the components for producing steam and hot water needed for operations and it’s easier to hook up because all the connections are on the outer part of the packaged system.

Trailer-mounted boilers can be beneficial because you don’t have to load or unload the boiler. The boiler remains on the trailer during its operation of it.  You will save a lot of time and money during its installation and transport.

Lastly, if you have a sufficient feedwater system, then renting a boiler-in-a box would work well for you. This rental boiler option is ideal for operations on sites that only need minimal equipment. Rental boiler units will give you the output you need, without having to commit to purchasing a new boiler of your own right away. Reach out to Patriot Boiler, your Arizona boiler experts, when you’re in need of assistance with your steam and hot water production needs.