Boiler Technology Breakthroughs

When you think of boilers, what do you think of? Do you think of huge, expensive, inconvenient, and non-durable pieces of machinery? Since 1883, the boiler industry and technology have been changing at a rapid rate. At Patriot Boiler, we focus on boilers that are now much more durable, energy efficient, and condensed in size. Boiler installation costs are dropping significantly due to flow rates with much lower pressure drops than ever before.


Simple and Cheaper Boiler Installation

Installing a full-flow system eliminates the time and cost of materials for boiler system piping. Which also makes the boiler installation a lot simpler in terms of handling fluctuations in the system flow rate. The crazy part is that today’s fire tube designs create a longer lividity rate of the heat exchangers by enabling the tubes in the machinery to flex. This, in turn, allows them to operate with more ease without the negative effects the older gens had. Now, with only one pass inside the vessel, heat is efficiently transferred, which then helps it reach the temperatures required quicker and with greater ease.

Let’s talk about the crazy and loud noises boilers used to make when reaching high temperatures and how long it took to get there—which everyone knows means high fuel bills! Boilers that have the newer fire tube technology produce a quieter combustion rate with up to a 25:1 turndown. Boilers can now run more efficiently without the constant on/off cycling and high system demand. This, in turn, can lower a building’s fuel costs significantly and offer better quality by matching the heat loss of each system.


Take Advantage of the Latest Technology in Boiler System

These new boiler systems are designed to enable better performance with little to no downtime. Did I mention you now have the ability to control your boilers’ BAS configurations remotely through an app? This new technology allows you to efficiently manage multiple boiler systems no matter where you are in the world. With all these new advancements in the boiler service industry, facilities’ heating costs are being greatly reduced, and performance improvements are skyrocketing! Now is the time to install and/or upgrade to the innovations. Contact Patriot Boiler today to discuss new efficiencies for your facilities.



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